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Colin Cowherd: Lamar Jackson and the Ravens Could Become a 15-Year Dynasty

Colin Cowherd: “What really makes Baltimore go is they are great at running, great at the quarterback running, great at passing, and great at long-ball passing – they do EVERYTHING WELL. This Ravens team reminds me of the 2015 Carolina Panthers. A lot of energy, veteran coach, and a unique quarterback talent that the league is trying to figure out. But I never bought into Cam. I can see them becoming a 15-year dynasty. You say Lamar going to get hurt but can he at least get hurt ONCE before you say that?? He never even got hurt once in college. I don’t see him getting hurt, and I’ve seen him get WHACKED about 15 times this year. Lamar is coachable, he has a chip on his shoulder, and his mechanics are getting better. Those are DYNASTY traits. This thing feels like it’s going to last a LONG time.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are in the beginning stages of an extended dynasty that could span 15 years.

Colin says this 14-2 Ravens team who finished with the NFL’s best record reminds him a lot of the 2015 Carolina Panthers team that went 15-1 as one of the best regular season teams of the decade, but one that quickly deflated with quarterback Cam Newton’s inconsistency.

However, Colin doesn’t see that fall from grace happening with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, as Colin points out the multiple ‘dynasty traits’ Lamar possesses.

Colin also doesn’t buy into the popular damning narrative surrounding Jackson’s inability to remain healthy over the course of his career as a running quarterback, saying Jackson has remained healthy his entire career, including college.

Check out the video above as Colin details why this Ravens team could be the new Patriots type behemoth running the AFC for well over a decade.