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Don't Sleep On the Seahawks vs. Packers Playoff Game

Don't Sleep On the Seahawks vs. Packers Playoff Game

Clay Travis is excited for the Divisional Round of the playoffs and says that the showdown between the Packers and Seahawks is being overlooked. Clay argues that this game is being under hyped because both teams are viewed as being overrated.

"I think of the four games that are going on, it's probably the one we should be giving the most attention to, that we're probably ignoring to a large degree because of perceived flaws that exist between the Packers and the Seahawks."

Clay is surprised that a matchup between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson isn't getting more hype heading into the weekend. A clash between two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks is typically the most talked about and anticipated game, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Clay brings in the crew and asks them why they think this game isn't getting more shine.

It's January, the Divisional Round, Lambeau Field, with two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Sunday evening should be electric.

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