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Mike McCarthy Should Dedicate Career to Getting Revenge on Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “Are we sure that Aaron Rodgers is going to win this divorce with Mike McCarthy? Rodgers plays Seattle and Russell Wilson this weekend – the best road team in the league – and McCarthy takes over an incredibly talented offensive roster in Dallas. He never had an offensive line or running back like that in Green Bay, and he never even had an OWNER in Green Bay, and now has an aspirational and driven one. When McCarthy got fired he was called ‘outdated’ and a ‘dinosaur’, but now he takes over an as offensive coach who never had anything like that in Green Bay. We talked about the stats of Rodgers since McCarthy left: yards down, third down success down, second half points down... He didn’t elevate when Mike left. The Packers still only have one Super Bowl in the last decade and McCarthy was part of it. And it may be their last one.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers could become a notable sports divorce that actually ends in the favor of McCarthy when it’s all said and done.

Colin offers examples of other notable sports divorces like Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook. Colin says for a little bit of time people were actually buying into Westbrook winning the divorce while he won an MVP and incredibly averaged a triple-double. But then, of course, Durant would win two rings with Golden State and establish himself as the best player in the world.

Much like Westbrook, Rodgers was the clear winner of the McCarthy divorce early on, with the former Packers head coach losing his job, and having his reputation dragged through the mud during an entire season of unemployment.

A year later, however, and McCarthy has resurfaced with a powerful and fully capable Cowboys roster who has the ammunition to make a Super Bowl run.

If McCarthy is able to win a Super Bowl in Dallas, and Rodgers fails to win a second ring, does McCarthy come away the big winner in this divorce and make Rodgers look like the problem all along?

Check out the video above.