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Rob Parker: 'Selfish' Tom Brady Needs to Retire and Quit Begging For Money

Rob Parker: “Tom Brady is doing NFL America a disservice. This is nothing more than a money grab for Brady, this AIN'T about football. He feels jilted because he didn’t get the contract that Drew Brees got at the same age. He’s gonna try and strong-arm the Patriots. They are NOT going to give a broken down 43-year-old quarterback money. Brady has some nerve to want a paycheck, social security check, and his pension all at the same time. This is a SELFISH move after all those years of him claiming to be all about the team, and saying he would do whatever it takes to win. Now all of the sudden when he’s broken down and beaten up he wants more money at the ripe age of 43 going on 67. HOW DARE YOU TOM BRADY. He's just like every other selfish athlete who can’t step away and walk out of the limelight with dignity. Brady is a selfish guy who just wants to be paid. SHAME ON HIM.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain to co-host Chris Broussard why he’s disgusted with Tom Brady’s potential fling with NFL free agency, as the 43-year-old quarterback could become one of the most compelling free agent targets in the history of sports.

A day after Rob said that Brady should retire from football, save his dignity, and prevent himself from suffering a sad exit from pro sports alla Willie Mays in 1973 with the Mets, Rob is now saying that Brady would be ‘selfish’ for sticking around to simply to incite a ‘money grab’ for his services.

Check out the rant above as Rob blasts Brady for not retiring now, and says he’s only trying to cash in at the end of his career for all supposed ‘bargain’ deals he accepted from New England over the years.