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Colin Cowherd: Russell Wilson Has Had a Better Career than Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “Russell Wilson was under-drafted, he’s under-covered, and he’s the most underrated quarterback of my lifetime… Aaron Rodgers is great, but the perception is that Aaron is way up HERE, and Russell is way down THERE… We fall in love with the ‘GOLDEN ARM’ and look past the flaws… We did it with Joe Namath, who has 47 more interceptions than touchdowns for his career, but he’s still a legend. Dan Marino had a GOLDEN ARM but got to one Super Bowl and was sub-.500 in the playoffs with Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson. John Elway had the GOLDEN ARM but he was blown out in three Super Bowls and was outplayed in one of the ones he won, yet we overlook his flaws and some say he was the greatest ever. Favre, GOLDEN ARM, led the NFL in interceptions three times… The current GOLDEN ARM is Rodgers, whose had only good playoff run, and his great arm makes us overlook some leadership issues, arrogance issues, players calling him out issues, and holds onto the ball issues. Since Russell Wilson came into the league, he’s won more, wins on the road more, wins in playoffs more, passer rating even, passing touchdowns even, completion percentage mostly dead even. And I like Wilson’s leadership and scrambling ability more. I think this is a huge game this weekend for Rodgers.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is one of the most underrated players in the NFL history, a couple days before the highly anticipated Wilson versus Aaron Rodgers showdown that Colin believes could carry legitimate historical ramifications.

Colin believes Rodgers and Wilson have had nearly identical careers and will forever be compared as arguably the most mobile and accurate quarterbacks in league history. But Colins says Rodgers is always ranked ahead of Wilson in the minds of football fans because of this ‘Golden Arm’ obsession around Rodgers.

Colin thinks the ‘GOLDEN ARM’ has been branded on greats like Joe Namath, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Brett Favre – four players who threw some of the best and prettiest balls in history – yet four players with obvious flaws who didn’t win as much as their mythological billing would suggest.

Colin thinks Rodgers has that ‘Golden Arm’ light cast on him as well, as there are many in the media who think Rodgers is the greatest quarterback of all time, despite the 36-year-old only having one Super Bowl victory.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why we need to look closer at the legacies of Rodgers and Wilson, and stop putting Rodgers on such an immaculate pedestal.