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New NCAA 3 Point Line is a Great Lesson for Bettors

Vegas Adjusts as the NCAA Adjusts

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and the guys discuss the new NCAA 3 point line getting moved back this year. Since the 3 point line was moved a foot and half back for college basketball this season, RJ says it's only obvious Vegas will adjust their over/under given the difficulty to make a 3 increasing. RJ and Steve continue to say Vegas estimated the market on made 3’s at 58% for every game in the first 2 weeks, but RJ says Vegas never sleeps and have adjusted since. The average total over/under was too high for Vegas and have since moved it down since bettors continued to win on the under. RJ says this is a great teaching moment because bettors had an idea the totals were too high and won big. RJ also says if you are in a winning situation you need to keep an eye on the market because Vegas will adjust to benefit themselves and bettors should be aware. RJ then compares Vegas bookies to gas stations adjusting their prices to the market price.