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Rob Parker: 'Self-Serving' Roy Williams Needs to Stop Blaming His Players

Ohio State v North Carolina
Rob Parker: “How dare Roy Williams throw his kid under the bus. It was YOU who put this team together! They didn’t form the team and you just have to coach it, didn’t he go out and recruit these guys?? Cole Anthony is supposedly one of the best players in the country and he’s not even playing! You’re supposed to win at a high clip when best player is out or will you struggle?? The main cog is hurt! This is so self-serving about him. COACH BETTER. Say YOU have to do a better job!” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker blast North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams after the Hall of Famer ripped apart his plummeting Tar Heels team that has rapidly gone from Final Four contender, to fighting to just remain .500.

Williams said of the 8-7 Heels, who have lost 7 of their last 10 games since starting 5-0, “We have had some very gifted teams. This is NOT a very gifted team. It’s the least gifted team I’ve ever coached in the time I’ve been back here.”

Rob thinks the comments were a bit arrogant for a college coach who is solely in charge of putting the team together, and thinks it was also a unnecessary overreaction as well considering Carolina’s best player Cole Anthony, one of the country’s best player and future lottery pick, is out for the next month.

The Heels were ranked in the Top 10 of the preseason rankings and boast an impressive win over no. 9 Oregon, but are in a transition season after losing Colby White, Nassir Little, and Cameron Johnson to the NBA, as well as decorated seniors Kenny Williams and Luke Maye.

Check out the audio below as Rob rips Roy and says it's Williams who needs to take more accountability for what could be the most disappointing Carolina season of the decade.

Rob Parker: 'Self-Serving' Roy Williams Needs to Stop Blaming His Players