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Clay Travis & the Outkick Crew Draft the Best Game of the Weekend

Clay Travis & the Outkick Crew Draft the Best Game of the Weekend

Clay Travis and his crew have their weekly Best Game of the Weekend Draft. In the NFL, there are four huge Divisional Round playoff matchups, and in this edition, Monday's National Championship game between LSU and Clemson will be included.

Clay always gets the number one overall pick and is selecting a game he will be in attendance for, the National title game in New Orleans between LSU and Clemson. LSU is going for the perfect season, and Clemson is looking to go 30-0 over the past two years with two trophies to show for it.

In the NFL, there are two games on Saturday and two more on Sunday. Which order will these games be drafted in by the Outkick crew? Every single game has story lines galore. Can the Vikings go on the road and win again, this time in San Francisco? Can Derrick Henry carry the Titans to another win and an AFC Championship Game appearance? Can the Chiefs take care of business in Arrowhead and beat a Texans team that already beat them earlier in the year? And finally, in a matchup between two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, who gets it done between the Packers and the Seahawks?

Plus, Clay Travis and a couple crew members need to switch out a team that was eliminated last weekend from their preseason Super Bowl predictions. Everyone on the show (minus Dub's Dallas pick) started the playoffs with all their picks still alive!

The Divisional Round might be the best weekend of the entire NFL season, and to cap it all off, Clemson and LSU will go to battle in the Superdome on Monday night to find out who reigns supreme in the college ranks.

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