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Patriots Dynasty is Dead Because Tom Brady Can’t Elevate His Wide Receivers

Patriots Dynasty is Dead Because Tom Brady Can’t Elevate His Wide Receivers
Colin Cowherd: "The five NFL teams that consistently draft good wide receivers are Pittsburgh, Seattle, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Houston. What do they all have in common? Quarterbacks that extend plays with their legs to allow receivers more flexibility in their patterns. All the teams with quarterbacks who can move always get the wide receivers who seem to work… This is why I think this is the perfect time for Brady to retire. Folks, N’Keal Harry is NOT a bust, he can really play. In Tom’s rigid and tiny system, you’re asking an NBA athlete to not jump high or run fast, but get open quickly in a 'system'. The dynasty is dying because Tom can’t elevate an increasingly important position.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the New England Patriots have historically boasted one of the worst wide receiving corps in the NFL, as the days of Randy Moss putting up 23 receiving touchdowns for the 16-0 Patriots is now a distant memory.

Colin says Tom Brady’s immobile athleticism coupled with New England's age-old quick-hitting offense predicated on short patterns has made it nearly impossible for the franchise to groom an elite wide receiver from the Draft.

Colin says the best wideouts in the league consistently come from teams with mobile quarterbacks who can extend plays outside the pocket, and also avoid the rush within the pocket as well, to give wide receivers more time to break away from their defenders.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why Brady stunts the growth of young wide receivers like N’Keal Harry, who are super athletes that aren’t getting the chance to run fast and jump high because of New England’s conservative system that was meant to cover up Brady’s dwindling movement.