Colin Cowherd: Patrick Mahomes is the Next Peyton Manning & Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd: “Patrick Mahomes is not somebody the NFL will EVER figure out, and barring injury he’s going to become Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Brett Favre. You don’t ‘figure out’ the best pure passer in football… Mahomes is ‘THE GUY’ for the next 15 years, and if you asked every GM in the league if they would trade their quarterback for Mahomes EVERY ONE OF THEM would say yes. This was an important game to play the flag of THIS GUY being ‘The Guy.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Kansas City Chiefs' historic comeback against the Houston Texans put a stamp on Patrick Mahomes’ claim as not only the best quarterback in the NFL, but as a Hall of Fame talent who could become one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history.

Colin says that on the same weekend we saw a Tennessee Titans defense swallow up an overmatched Lamar Jackson, we saw Mahomes effortlessly overcome a 24-0 deficit in just one quarter of play, in the most profound lead change in league history.

Despite Jackson expected to win the league’s MVP award after the season, Colin says Lamar is a guy who defenses can ‘figure out’ and ‘slow down’ with enough athletes, and a confusing enough scheme. However, with Mahomes, Colin says, you have a quarterback talent who literally can never be slowed down.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’d much rather have Mahomes than Jackson for the next 15 years.