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Colin Cowherd: This 49ers Team is Closest Thing We've Seen to 1985 Bears

Colin Cowherd: “We have four teams left and NONE of them look like San Francisco. Folks, there is not a box that they don’t check. The size box, the speed box, the ‘kick your arse’ box, the intimidation box, the offensive line box, the left and right tackle box, they check them ALL. This team HUMILIATES YOU. You don’t want any part of San Francisco; they look DIFFERENT. Kansas City’s offense is like San Francisco’s entire team. When they are healthy they have so many elements of an ’85 Bears team where they just knock you out.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd compare this San Francisco 49ers team with the 1985 Chicago Bears team, who never became a dynasty but one that made up one of the dominant teams in league history for one memorable championship season.

Colin says the 49ers have the most complete team of the four remaining teams in the NFL, and says they offer such an intimidating layer of ‘bully ball’ that makes their brand of football the scariest matchup in the league.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’s picking the 49ers to beat Green Bay this weekend in the NFC Championship game, and explains why the 2019 49ers could be one of the most complete Super Bowl champions in recent history.