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"I Didn't Taint the Game": Pete Rose Says Astros Scandal Was Worse than His

Pete Rose: “ I bet on my own team to win, that’s what I did in a nutshell. I was wrong but I didn’t taint the game. I didn’t try to steal any games. I never picked against my team and I bet on my team every night because that’s the confidence I had in my players. I was wrong but this is little different. It’s A LOT different actually and that’s why I think the commissioner came down so hard."


Rob Parker: “First, I don’t believe he ONLY bet on his own team. But here’s how Pete CAN affect the game even if he only bets on the Reds. There’s a double-header coming up and I got a big bet on tonight’s game. I blow out my bullpen because I’m trying to win TONIGHT, because I got money on tonight. What about tomorrow?? See, I already affected the game. The integrity, when you have money on the game, you can affect it even when you’re betting on your own team… If you walk into a Major League Baseball clubhouse, there is nothing bigger than the sign on the wall about GAMBLING. It says ‘if you gamble, you will be banned for life’ – it’s right there as big as day!’”
Chris Broussard: “Even if he only bet on his own team, what’s bad is the association with gambling and with gamblers. What if he’s losing? Now you got guys who you owe money to who might threaten you and say you need to LOSE. You put the game in harm’s way.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker’s reaction to MLB legend Pete Rose’s recent comments about the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, a day after the league levied unprecedented punishments to members of their 2017 World Series championship team.

Rose, whose name will forever be synonymous with infamy around the sport, was banned from baseball for life in 1989 when it was revealed that he was betting on games as a player and as a manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

Despite Rose being the gold standard for sports exiles, Rose said that all he did was bet on his OWN team, and simply have the the belief that they were better than they’re opponent on that. He said it was the Astros who TAINTED the game when they decided to use illegal technology to steal signs in real time and literally try to steal away the outcome of the game from the other team.

Check out the video above as Rob and Chris don’t agree with Pete’s remarks.