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Xavier Woods: Jerry Jones is Not What The Media Portrays Him To Be

Cowboys safety Xavier Woods Joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd courtesy of the 190 RZNS (reasons) Foundation: Motivates, inspires, and educates the youth.

Woods Shared his thoughts on Jerry Jones and how he runs the Cowboys organization. Woods is also asked about the leadership of Dak Prescott including his thoughts on some of the great quarterbacks he's faced around the league.

On the topic of Jerry Jones, Woods thinks that the media has blown Jones' reputation out of proportion with the idea that he's overly involved with the players, but according to Woods, he only had three meetings with the players this year.

"You see Jerry all the time, but Jerry is not talking to the team. He meets with the team no more than three times: the beginning of the year, the exit meetings, and then he'll speak, sometimes after a game win or loss. He'll be at practice; he doesn't talk he's just overseeing. You see him around the building, but other than that, the media has portrayed him as controlling and speaking to the team every day, but it's not really like that."

Xavier Woods also breaks down the type of alpha that Dak Prescott is. Woods makes the point that there are two types where one is aggressive and more public, and there are others that you respect so much in private and are more respected because of how reserved they are.

"We respect him (Dak Prescott) so much, and he goes through so much in practice from all the injuries that he has that you guys don't know about. And the way he leads is the type of leadership to follow and listen to. He's a phenomenal leader, and it's a testament to his heart and faith. You can't measure those things.

The interview continues as Woods breaks down what he observes as a safety when facing Aaron Rodgers and his thoughts as to why Rodgers is the best quarterback he's ever faced.

Listen to more in the audio below!

Xavier Woods: "Aaron Rodgers is the Best Quarterback I've Ever Faced"