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Video Surfaces of Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel Getting Decked By a Referee

Probably the only big tackle on a member of the Tennessee Titans on Saturday was Tennessee Head Coach Mike Vrabel getting absolutely bulldozed by a sideline official during their blowout Divisional Round victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Ravens.

A clip off the NFL’s popular ‘Mic’d Up’ segment showcased a memorable video that should live in the infamous annals of bloopers videos for the rest of eternity.

You can see Vrabel standing on the white line while appearing to look up at the scoreboard clock and whisper strategy into his headset before you see a referee quickly appear on the screen back pedaling, and crashing into Vrabel.

The referee actually stays on his feet and you can hear a loud ‘SORRY!’ coming from someone around the play, as Vrabel goes down like he had just gotten hit by ‘Office Linebacker’ Terry Tate.

Some teams like the Los Angeles Rams even have special sideline assistant who follows around the head coach the entire game and makes sure they are out of harm’s way when referees sprint down the white lines, usually on kick offs and other high yardage plays.

Sean McVay’s sideline spotter was featured in a segment where he explains how literally his only job is to make sure what happened to Vrabel, doesn’t happen to McVay.

Vrabel's Cinderella Titans team plays the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.