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Colin Cowherd: Kansas City Chiefs Are NFL's Version of the 'Avengers' Movie

Colin Cowherd: “Kansas City is what the NFL wants the league to look like. Leagues and commissioners will tell you regularly ‘here is what I want my league to be’ without saying it verbally. They will change rules to help stars, to help faster players, and to help quarterbacks. It's why they put the catch rule back in. Because your best athletes are wide receivers, so why are you taking away catches from guys like OBJ? Give him more great catches! You can’t hit a wide receiver, why? Because they are the best athletes. You can’t hit a quarterback low, why? Because they want the best quarterbacks healthy. The league is telling you ‘We want you to look like Kansas City’. The Chiefs are the Avengers and Tennessee is an artsy film that purists like. The league wants Kansas City to be the next dynasty." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Kansas City Chiefs are exactly the archetype the National Football League longs for, as the combination of Patrick Mahomes leading an Andy Reid devised passing attack defines exactly the type of football that NFL fans covet.

Colin says the league has changed its rules the last few years to specifically adhere to the need for more yards and more points, as the modern game naturally benefits the offense much more than the defense.

Colin believes the Chiefs are the NFL’s version of the ‘Avengers’ movie, and says he thinks the networks will always be pulling for the Chiefs to advance deep in the postseason.

Check out the video above.