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Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Picks NFL Conference Championship Winners (Jan 17)

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers

Even though Colin Cowherd’s official Blazing 5 has concluded for the regular season, Colin gives his picks for the upcoming NFC and AFC Conference Championship games with final score predictions included. (Full Video Segment at Bottom of Page)

Tennessee at Kansas City (SPREAD: KC -7.0)

"The Titans are getting 7. I would take the points here but very reluctantly. Kansas City has the better roster and they're 7-0 since they lost to the Titans in Week 10. They won ALL of those by over 7 points. There is a fatigue factor with the Titans that I can't get over. Remember, Tennessee's last game of the regular season was on the road, so they've gone to Houston, to New England, to Baltimore, and now to Kansas City. I just think this is a great 'story' versus a great 'team' and I think there is going to be a fatigue factor. I WILL say that Tennessee's running game is built to make Kansas City uncomfortable. You can't out-'Kansas City', Kansas City -- don't get into a track meet with this team. If San Francisco or Green Bay faced Kansas City their game plan is going to be 'run the hell out of the football and make them sit and watch'. Tennessee is BUILT to beat Kansas City, I just think it's too big of an ask. You're going to ask Derrick Henry again to have 33 carries and ask this team to play on the road for a fourth consecutive week? Kansas City creates some perimeter matchups that Tennessee isn't going to have an answer for. I'm taking Kansas City to win 28-23. I don't say this with any great confidence but the Chiefs have the better roster and better team and I'll take that over a great story."

Colin's Pick: CHIEFS WIN, 28-23.

Green Bay at San Francisco (SPREAD: SF -7.5)

"I bet this game and put a little candy on this. San Francisco -7.5 is the side. I think this one could get ugly. This is a Green Bay team who is masquerading as a 14-3 team. They have been out-gained in ten games this season. Over the last 30 years, rookie head coaches are 3-8 in these games. I think the Packers at a coaching deficit and I think their head coach is going to be outcoached. Since Week 10, Davante Adams has been targeted 91 times, and Aaron Rodgers hasn't targeted anyone else over 35 times. Aaron is 0-4 all-time against top ranked pass defenses and the 49ers are ranked number one in pass defense. Aaron is going to have to play uncomfortable and take major risks and I don't think that's who he is now. I think San Francisco is going to bracket Davante Adams, crowd the box, and say 'THROW TO YOUR OTHER GUYS' and I don't think Aaron is comfortable with that. San Francisco can beat you in so many ways. They can beat you with power, they can beat you with Deebo Samuels and Emmanuel Sanders, they can beat you with George Kittle, they can go over the top, and they can beat you with turnovers. Green Bay doesn't have a lot of margin for error. Garoppolo was 3-0 this year when he had 2 or more picks. They don't have to play perfect to win this game. San Francisco is basically a field goal and a fumble away from being 16-1. Rodgers went 9-1 this year in one possession games; that's a lot of LUCK. Aaron is just a little above .500 for his career in one score games, so you can't just say Aaron is great in these close games. You don't win Super Bowls living off one possession games and Green Bay's luck is going to run out. San Francisco wins here 33-23. I feel comfortable saying I put a little candy on this."

Colin's Pick: 49ers WIN, 33-23.

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