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Colin Cowherd Creates Movie Titles For Every Potential Super Bowl Matchup

Colin Cowherd: “If you were a marketing director how would you do a movie poster for the Super Bowl? These are the movie posters that we will consider as we get into what my gut tells me will be Kansas City versus San Francisco.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd create Hollywood movie posters for the four potential Super Bowl matchups with the AFC and NFC conference championships coming up this weekend.

San Francisco vs. Kansas City: ‘LETHAL WEAPONS’

“You got George Kittle, and you got Andy Reid, and you got Patrick Mahomes, and you got Tyreek Hill. That’s a very easy movie poster.”

San Francisco vs. Tennessee: ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’

Let’s be honest with Derrick Henry, he’s a BEAST. Guy rushes for 190 yards week after week! And Jimmy Garoppolo is…. Beautiful. He’s a handsome man.”

Green Bay vs. Tennessee: 'CLASH OF THE TITANS'

“You’d have Tennessee going up against a Green Bay team coached by the former Titans offensive coordinator, Matt Lafleur.”

Green Bay vs. Kansas City: 'ENEMY OF THE STATE FARM'

“These guys are the stars of the State Farm commercials!”

Check out the video above as Colin goes through every matchup and details what would make it an intriguing storyline.