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Colin Cowherd Says 'Condescending & Moody' Aaron Rodgers is a Quitter

Colin Cowherd: “Every time Aaron Rodgers loses a game the ‘pom-pom waivers’ come out. Is it the defense’s fault that in the two games versus San Francisco Rodgers didn’t score a point?? His numbers dropped this year with Matt LaFleur – STOP BLAMING MIKE MCCARTHY. Aaron is not a very good road quarterback, he’s .500 for his career and he’s BAD as a road quarterback in the playoffs. A GM once told me that he’s ‘Jay Cutler with much more talent’. He’s moody, aloof, thin-skinned, he can be condescending, and he’s not liked by all teammates. Aaron BAILS. He bails on coaches, he bails on plays, he bails on teammates, and says ‘I QUIT’. Tony Romo was a fighter, Drew Brees is a fighter, Tom Brady is a fighter, Peyton Manning is a fighter, and Ben Roethlisberger is a fighter. Aaron is NOT, and only likes it when it’s all comfortable -- and the road isn’t about comfort. He’s a BAILER.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd blast Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers a couple days removed from Green Bay’s embarrassing 37-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in an NFC Championship Game that was 34-7 entering the fourth quarter.

Despite finishing the game 31 for 39 for 326 yards and two touchdowns, Rodgers posted a puny 22.3 QBR, was picked off twice, and fumbled three times, losing one.

Colin points to Rodgers’ .500 record on the road for his career, and says it shows that Rodgers is ‘not a fighter’ and a guy who bails on his coaches and teammates when the going gets tough in hostile environments away from home.

Check out the video above as Colin blasts Rodgers for being a ‘bailer’ who can only succeed when his environment is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.