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New Hampshire Man Chokes Out Rabid Coyote Who Was Attacking His Toddler Son

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s episode of Outkick the Coverage (6am ET) as Clay will have the hero on Live!

Clay Travis: “How many days in a row should the wife sleep with him?? If you choke out a rabid coyote to save your two-year-old, how many days would you expect your wife to sleep with you?? I would think a full week!” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis and the Outkick the Crew discuss the latest installment of Animal Thunderdome, as this week's episode includes a father in New Hampshire choking out a rabid coyote who attacked his two-year-old son.

Ian O’Reilly says the animal bit his toddler while they were hiking as a family on a snowy trail in New Hampshire, before the dad intervened and shoved the coyote’s head into the snow for a full ten minutes before it finally suffocated to death.

The coyote was believe to be the culprit behind an attack earlier in the day, where a woman was bitten in the butt.

O’Reilly says he was bitten in the arm and chest by the animal, but was saved by thick snow gear that offered a shield to the coyote’s teeth.

O’Reilly says his family received treatment for a possible case of rabies.

Check out the audio below as Clay jokes about the gratitude the man is going to obtain from his wife when she finds out her husband saved the family from a hungry beast!

New Hampshire Man Chokes Out Rapid Coyote Who Was Attacking His Toddler Son