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Eli Manning Was Surprisingly Successful Against the Spread in His Career

Eli Manning One of the Best Against Spread

On today's edition of Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and the crew discuss the news of Giants QB Eli Manning announcing his retirement today and his success against the spread. RJ says it is surprising how well Eli was against the spread throughout his career, with Brad Powers citing Eli Manning being 54% successful, which is outstanding according to RJ. Plus, RJ compares Eli to the other teams like the Patriots during the Belichick and Brady era being about 60% successful, and Packers at about 55% against the spread. That being said, Eli wasn't always on good teams and the market is always accounting for every aspect when it comes to setting lines, according to the guys. RJ also discusses Eli being a great blind/future bet even from his days at Ole Miss. RJ says if you had blindly bet Eli Manning for future bets, you would wind up +200% ROI against the spread. And while Eli delivered titles without a doubt, RJ also says he delivered against the spread throughout his career.