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Hall of Fame Voter Who Didn't Vote Derek Jeter Should Be Exposed & Removed

Rich Eisen: “Who is the one person who filled out their Hall of Fame ballot and said Derek Jeter is not a Hall of Famer?? That person made a statement and I think that person should be heard out. They should be named and they should own it. We’re talking about the HALL OF FAME and J.J. Putz, Raul Ibanez, and Eric Chavez got votes. Why are we messing around here for a vaunted spot in a beautiful town of New York? If you’re not going to treat this seriously then get out of the way and let someone else who will.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rich Eisen explain why he thinks the Baseball Writers of America voter who left Derek Jeter off their ballot for 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame entry should be exposed and have his/her voting privileges revoked.

Jeter was a 5-time World Series champion who finished with the 6th most hits in baseball history, with a .310 batting average and .377 on base percentage for his career. Yet one voter of a possible 397, thought those numbers weren’t good enough for first ballot HOF consideration.

Although Jeter not making the Hall of Fame brought outrage, former Yankees teammate Mariano Rivera is the only player ever to receive unanimous consensus , thus countless legends of the past have also been burned by voters with an agenda.

Check out the video above as Eisen details why the Hall of Fame voting looks like an even bigger joke when anonymous fringe All-Stars with marginal careers the likes of J.J. Putz, Brad Penny, and Raul Ibanez received votes, and why voting records need to made public when such malarkey ensues.