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Icon Planters Mascot Mr Peanut Will 'Die' in Upcoming Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl commercial season is here, and Planters is kicking things off with a bang. In their new pre-Super Bowl commercial,beloved mascot Mr. Peanut gave up his lifeto save Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes. The trio was driving in the NUTmobile when they were forced to swerve to avoid an armadillo in the road.

As Mr. Peanut lost control of the vehicle, all three passengers were thrown through the windshield and rolled off a cliff. Snipes, Walsh, and Mr. Peanut managed to grab hold of a branch and were dangling precariously above a canyon. As the branch begins to break, Mr. Peanut knows it cannot support their weight and decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. He let go of the tree limb, falling to his death.

Planters announced the sad newson Twitter.

"We're devastated to confirm that Mr. Peanut is gone. He died doing what he did best – having people's backs when they needed him most. #RIPeanut"

Planters will air a funeral for Mr. Peanut during the third quarter of Super Bowl LIV.

"It's with heavy hearts that we confirm MR. PEANUT has passed away at 104 years old,"said Samantha Hess, PLANTERS Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz. "He will be remembered as the legume who always brought people together for nutty adventures and a good time. We encourage fans to tune in to MR. PEANUT's funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl to celebrate his life."

Mr. Peanut was remembered by another iconic mascot, Mr. Clean

Always classy, always crunchy, always cleaned up nicely. We'll miss him! #RIPeanut