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Rob Parker: Eli Manning is More Clutch Than Tom Brady

Rob says Eli Manning is More Clutch Than Brady

On today’s edition of The Odd Couple Rob Parker says Eli Manning is more clutch than Tom Brady following the news of Eli announcing his retirement this Friday. Rob says if he is in a Super Bowl situation and needed a clutch play at the end of a game, he would take Eli over Brady. Chris can't believe this is even a discussion and says Tom Brady was known as 'the comeback kid' going all the way back to his Michigan days, and has done it multiple times in every Super Bowl they've won. Rob says Eli didn't have Adam Vinatieri in his highlight reel like Tom Brady does. Rob also said Brady has had costly turnovers in his career when it comes to clutch moments, while Chris says the number of big games Brady has been in compared to Manning makes it non-debatable. Chris said he gives Eli credit for beating the Patriots and Brady twice, but the defense of the Giants and should get more credit than they have been. Rob says because Eli has won more than 1 Super Bowl and is undefeated Championship and Super Bowl games he is proven to be clutch on a different level, while Chris said there's only 1 person who's won 6, and that's Tom Brady.