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Six Reasons Why Tom Brady Isn't Leaving the New England Patriots

Colin Cowherd: “This Tom Brady story is veering into ‘Fake News’ territory. There are six reasons why Brady is staying in New England:

1. If Brady left the Patriots it would be a $13.5 million cap hit for New England. Have you followed Bill Belichick’s career? Does he like paying players? And especially players that he doesn’t have??
2. They don’t have a succession plan. If they had Jimmy Garoppolo in the backyard throwing the football I would buy it, but they don’t.
3. There isn’t a massive market for the Brady. The position is changing, it’s getting more mobile, and it’s getting more athletic. There are not a lot of good offensive lines out there and Tom is a liability if you don’t have a great O-Line.
4. Let’s not over-exaggerate New England’s ‘FALL’. They were 12-4 in 2019 and were a dumb loss to Miami from having a playoff bye. Three of their 4 losses were to division champions Baltimore, Kansas City, and Houston.
5. Tom needs wide receivers and tight ends and there are all sorts of guys on the market this year. AJ Green, Amari Cooper, Hunter Henry, Robbie Anderson, and Randall Cobb.
6. Brady was just able to get his ‘TB12’ protein brand into Whole Fools Stores in the New England region. They can take ANY protein powder, there are hundreds on the market. Starbucks had to figure out Seattle before it went domestic and global, and Tom sees his brand as potentially global. If Tom whizzes on New England to take $4 million more from Indianapolis, that Whole Foods/TB12 thing in New England doesn’t work. If ‘TB12’ hits, he’s going to make a lot more money there than playing football.

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would be idiotic to leave New England, as Colin details 6 reasons why he doesn’t see Brady taking his talents to Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Tampa, or Dallas.

Not only does Colin think the ‘fall’ of the Patriots has been greatly exaggerated, and that the Patriots could very easily reload with receiving weapons this offseason, but Colin doesn’t believe Tom would just abandon his fledgling health and fitness brand 'TB12', which has just begun to successfully root itself in the New England area.

Check out the video above as Colin details why there is too much money at stake with Brady’s personal brand beginning to make waves in the Connecticut and Massecuttres area for Brady to just skip town.