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Antonio Brown Reportedly Threw Rocks at Driver of Moving Truck While High

The evisceration of Antonio Brown’s playing career continued at metaphoric levels this week, as Brown’s name continues to freefall into infamy.

Just a week after the former NFL All-Pro went Live on Instagram brutally berating Hollywood, FL police officers outside his residence as they escorted a woman and two of Brown’s children off his property, Brown was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with the driver of a movie truck.

On Tuesday, police swarmed the perimeter of Brown’s house once again, and ended up arresting Brown’s trainer, Glenn Holt, in connection to the battery and burglary allegations that reportedly included Brown and Holt ripping the man from his truck after a dispute about the allowances owed to the driver.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Brown allegedly assaulted the driver and damaged the driver’s vehicle by throwing rocks at the truck.

The driver claims he was owed $4,000, but Brown refused to pay. After hitting the man’s truck with a rock, the driver reportedly was going to leave the scene but was told by his superiors at the moving company to attempt to re-deliver the goods to Brown.

That’s when the driver says Brown was willing to finally pay up the $4,000, but wasn’t going to pay another $860 the driver was asking for due to the damages to the truck that the rock made. Brown then allegedly forced his way into the driver’s side door and began to hit the man.

Holt, Brown's trainer, then apparently assaulted the driver to obtain his keys, before finally Brown, Holt, and more of his entourage unloaded the truck of their own belongings, as well as handling property that belonged to other clients, allegedly causing damage to property that wasn't there's.

For such action, Holt was arrested for burglary and battery, as the driver claims he suffered scratches and cuts all over his body from the fight.

In the driver’s 911 call to police, the man alleges to dispatchers that Brown was ‘high’, ‘he’s trying to fight’, and ‘he’s throwing stones at my truck’.

As of Wednesday afternoon, an arrest warrant had finally been issued to Brown, but no arrest has been made as of Thursday afternoon and Brown has yet to turn himself in. Brown has reportedly barricaded himself inside his residence.

Just days prior, Brown's longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus parted ways with the former wide receiver, saying Brown needed to 'get help'.

Brown is 31 years old and has not played in the NFL since Week 2 when he caught a caught a touchdown pass from Tom Brady versus the Miami Dolphins on September 15th, 2019.