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Doug Gottlieb: All Zion Williamson's Debut Proved Was that He's Overweight

Doug Gottlieb: “Zion Williamson can make shots and still not look ‘great’. He made four three pointers while wide open with the other team letting him shoot. I would challenge you if you watched that game and said he really looked ‘good’. He’s a freak athlete but what is the optimal weight that he can play at that he can still have the strength and athleticism but also not injure himself? He has a huge build and looks a bit heavy… We didn’t see the feats of athleticism, we didn’t see the blocked shot, or the highlight dunk. What we saw were some open jump shots, a couple rebounds, and a kid who looked a little bit too heavy. When he’s too heavy you start to worry and be concerned about him carrying around all that weight. Last night I saw a guy who is precariously close to being too heavy where he’s going to re-injure himself. I didn’t think he looked sharp, I didn’t think he moved nearly as well as I would have thought in those circumstances. You’re only going to play a guy if he’s in supreme shape and he didn’t look to be in supreme shape.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he wasn’t impressed by New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson’s NBA regular season debut, that saw the enthralling phenom electrify the home crowd to the tune of 22 points in 17 minutes.

Gottlieb, however, doesn’t believe Zion really proved much other than he looked heavy and in limited game shape. Williamson hit four three-pointers but the Spurs were giving Zion 2-3 feet of open space with every shot and really didn’t try contending his field goal attempts whatsoever.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why Wednesday night’s debut should worry Pelicans fans, as Gottlieb believes Zion came off as a huge injury liability last night with the way his body looked.