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Doug Gottlieb: Lakers Are a Cowboys Type Pretender Beating Up on Bad Teams

Doug Gottlieb: “LeBron James say the Lakers have 'enough guys' right now... But they DON’T and nobody thinks they do. There have been times when against the better competition like the Clippers they have looked like they’re missing a piece or two… LeBron knows they need a point guard in the worst way and someone to create shots. 34-year-old LeBron is not a shot creator like he used to be, and Anthony Davis is a shot maker but not a shot creator. Alex Caruso has finally hit his ceiling… There is a little bit of Dallas Cowboys to what the Lakers are doing by beating up on the bad teams and only looking at their overall efficiency against those teams. Sorry, we don’t care about those games. The Lakers know that something is missing, and LeBron is definitely sitting on the plane right now wearing Rob Pelinka out.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he’s looking at the 36-9 Los Angeles Lakers the same way he was looking at the Dallas Cowboys when they were 3-0 earlier this season.

After sprinting out to an undefeated start, the Cowboys were being heralded as a Super Bowl contender, with quarterback Dak Prescott looking like an imposing MVP candidate who was nearing a massive free agent pay day in the offseason.

Yet the three victories over the doormat Redskins, Giants, and Dolphins was soon met by 8 losses in their next 13 games, as the season crumbled once the team ran into more stiff competition.

Gottlieb sees the same thing with the Lakers, as Doug believes Los Angeles is a flawed team who is making a habit out of piling up wins against bad teams, when they have yet to beat the Clippers or Bucks, and were recently eviscerated by a well-coached Boston Celtics team.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why the Lakers are desperate to make a move at the trade deadline, and explains why they can’t make a deep playoff run with the team they have right now, despite notching the best record in the Western Conference at the moment.