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Prison Photos Leak of Antonio Brown Wearing Handcuffs and Anti-Suicide Vest

Some extremely ominous photos were released to the public on Friday showing former All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown in police custody.

Brown was finally detained late Thursday night after turning himself into police on 'burglary with battery'' charges related to an ugly incident with the driver of a contracted moving van, in which Brown and his trainer allegedly threw rocks at the man’s truck, and then yanked him out of the vehicle over a dispute regarding the payment owed.

The photos that went viral on Twitter Friday morning showed Brown wearing a tan prison jumpsuit while being processed for his mug shot, and then later video footage was released showing Brown appearing in court standing in front of an off-site video judge hearing his charges.

In the disturbing video, Brown is seen wearing handcuffs in front of his body, and an anti-suicide smock that looks like a bulletproof vest.

ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe says although eerie, it’s standard procedure for high-profile suspects to wear the vest, saying:

“Antonio Brown wore a green anti-suicide smock to court today because those are the norm in this county in cases like this with celebrities going to jail on a serious felony charge. It’s mostly used as a precaution due to the sudden shock of jail.”

Brown would later be released on a $110,000 bond with restrictions that will include GPS monitoring, the surrender of his passport, and a mandatory mental health evaluation.

Brown’s lawyers say Brown was ‘overcharged’ and believe Brown’s charges will be knocked down by the time they return to court again.

Brown was seen leaving jail wearing a baby blue suit, with a black lapel, and bedazzled rose patch on the chest. Twitter users quickly discovered it was the same suit he wore during the NFL Honors ceremony in 2018. A cruel image that made Brown’s catastrophic fall from grace come full circle.

Brown was literally seen running away from the jail as cameras trailed.

Just a week prior to Brown's arrest, Brown posted a Live Instagram video brutally berating the same Hollywood, Florida police in front of his house who were escorting a woman and two young children off his residence.

Brown's longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus parted ways with the former All-Pro wide receiver earlier this month, saying Brown needed to 'get help'.

Brown is 31 years old and has not played in the NFL since Week 2 when he caught a caught a touchdown pass from Tom Brady versus the Miami Dolphins on September 15th, 2019.