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Kobe Bryant Was the Most Fascinating Athlete in Modern Sports History

Kobe Bryant Was the Most Fascinating Athlete in Modern Sports History
Doug Gottlieb: “I’m incredibly sad… I believe Kobe Bryant will go down as the most fascinating character in modern sports… He went from fighting for his freedom in Eagle County, Colorado, to breaking up the greatest twosome of the 2000’s with Shaquille O’Neal and receiving a good portion of the blame, to wanting to be traded, to winning a championship, and winning a gold medal with the ‘Redeem Team’, then winning an Academy Award, then becoming a super dad, and then becoming a bastion of good will for the sport of basketball. It’s a remarkable tale… The Mamba chopper going down was one of those ‘Where were you?’ moments. Fourth grade Mrs. Sallie’s class when the Challenger went down. I remember where I was working at ESPN when Barack Obama was elected president. And I remember I was in San Juan Capistrano at Blue Ridge Barn at a horse show when Kobe Bryant, who had become a friend of mine, died at the age of 41.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb talk about the life of the legendary late great Kobe Bryant, as the sports world continues to mourn one of the most beloved and respected athletes in history.

Doug says his daughter was close with one of the young girls who was on board the ill-fated helicopter flight that took the lives on 9 people, and says his daughter had known Kobe’s daughter Gianna through classmates in the Orange County area, where both Kobe and Gottlieb live.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why the tragic event of Kobe dying will always be one of those ‘Where Were You?’ moments when you’ll forever re-live in your mind the most significant moments in history with intimate detail no matter how dated they become.