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Kobe Bryant's Oscar was Harder to Win Than Any NBA Championship

Kobe Winning Oscar is Harder Than NBA Championship

On today’s edition of The Jason Smith Show, Jason and Mike Harmon discuss the legacy of Kobe Bryant post NBA career. Jason says Kobe won retirement, citing that he knew Kobe wanted to show the Lakers and everyone that basketball was just something to spring boarded his next career, and he did just that as a venture capitalist and much more. Mike also says his short film 'Dear Basketball' was one of a kind, and anyone can relate to it in some way – whether it is through basketball or something else you love. Jason says winning an Oscar for his short film is harder to do than winning an NBA Championship because the area is so grey with these judges. Jason goes on to explain that in basketball it is simply you either win or lose if you score more points, and Kobe could control the outcome, unlike the Oscars. Jason and Mike also discuss the well-rounded person Kobe was, citing him speaking multiple languages and very well-read.