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NBA Needs LeBron James' Leadership Right Now in Wake of Kobe Bryant's Death

Colin Cowherd: “In my years covering the NBA, I’ve seen really good teams unravel because of a rumor at the trade deadline. If this season for the Lakers was never the same, it would be absolutely and completely understandable. But I think LeBron is uniquely built for this. LeBron James WILL be able to do this, because LeBron’s life hasn’t been easy. Yes, the last 15 years have, but LeBron at 8, 9, and 10 years old was asked to carry his family, at 14 carry his high school team, at 20 carry a historically irrelevant franchise, and most of his young life carrying the NBA. Every single instance LeBron has put his head down, put the work in, burrowed through, and won. I’m not sure any NBA player could do what LeBron is saying he will. Carry the Lakers through this daunting emotional experience. I think he can do it, and I think he’s the only professional athlete with the strength to do it.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the importance of LeBron James as the star of the Los Angeles Lakers in the days following one of the biggest tragedies in the history sports.

The death of Kobe Bryant has created a massive void in the entire heartbeat of athletics, and it’s a wonder to how the NBA will go forward with the rest of the season, and how the Lakers can deal internally with arguably the darkest day in basketball history.

Check out the video above as Colin believes LeBron may be the only athlete in sports who could guide the Lakers through this horrific tragedy.