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Fans Rush Kobe Bryant Crash Site Trying to Steal Souvenirs From Helicopter

Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Crash In Calabasas Hills
Mike Harmon: “Kris, can you tell us what the site has been like the last 48 hours?”
Kris Ankarlo: “The mood of people who live in Calabasas is a little bit one of annoyance. Not certainly of the accident itself, but you’ve got a lot of people trying to get close to this tragedy, and as they do they are causing a little bit of a traffic jam. They actually had to close off the exit where the accident was yesterday… People have been trying to access the site, and initially there were reports of people trying to get onto the site to take pieces of the aircraft as a souvenir. Nobody was successful in doing that. The LA County Sheriff Department is actually been patrolling on horseback and ATV… It’s been more of a circus than it should be, and while some people grieve, some people try to take advantage of other people.” (Full Interview at Bottom of Page)

Listen to KFI AM 640 news reporter Kris Ankarlo join The Jason Smith show to discuss what the crash site has been like as the setting for one of the worst tragedies in sports history.

Kobe Bryant’s fatal helicopter crash that killed eight other people, including Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter Gianna, has shook the entire world, as even the Super Bowl buildup has taken a backseat to the biggest story of the year.

Through all the heartbreaking details of the lives lost in the crash, Ankarlo described what the ill-fated hillside in Calabasas, California has been like, as Ankarlo said it’s been nothing short of a circus.

Ankarlo says people have literally been trying to trespass on the closed site to try and obtain pieces of the downed helicopter as ‘souvenirs’, and says the area is now heavily patrolled by police on ATVs and even horseback.

Check out the audio below.

Fans Rush Kobe Bryant Crash Site Trying to Steal Souvenirs From Helicopter