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Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Picks the Winner of Super Bowl LIV

Super Bowl Opening Night presented by BOLT24

Even though Colin Cowherd’s official Blazing 5 has concluded for the regular season, Colin gives his pick for the upcoming Super Bowl with final score prediction included. (Full Video Segment at Bottom of Page)

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San Francisco vs. Kansas City (SPREAD: KC -2.0)

"I like the 49ers. If you're a top 2 defense and you play in the Super Bowl, you are 17-7. When a top 2 offense plays a top 2 defense, the defense has won 3 of the 4 matchups. The Niners had 57 sacks this year; EVERY team in the last 15 years to enter the Super Bowl with at least 55 sacks is 6-0. The 49ers faced several teams who scored more points than Kansas City this year -- Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and New Orleans. They won two, and held Tampa and Baltimore to under 21 points. Eight of Kansas City's last 9 losses are when they lose time of possession, and San Francisco is a top 5 time of possession team in the NFL. I also think the schedule for San Francisco has been so much more formidable since November. Look at the Chiefs, they faced the 28th best defense in the Texans, and the 21st best defense in the Titans. It is a massive leap to play San Francisco's defense. The only time Kansas City played a defense that was statistically better than San Francisco, it was New England, and Patrick Mahomes had only one touchdown, a pick, and passer rating of only 83. I have the team with the better defense and a remarkable pass rush who doesn't have to bring more people to create that rush. I'll take the Niners to win it, 36-28. They'll take a lead, pin their ears back, and Mahomes will have to throw with next to no running game on their best day. I know Andy Reid is great off a bye, and I know that Mahomes can score as quickly as anyone who has played the position in years; it's why I didn't put a lot of lettuce on this game. I like San Francisco, but I don't love the pick. I think Mahomes and Andy Reid with extra time are just a nightmare and a track meet to face, but I'll take the Niners here."

Colin's Pick: 49ers WIN, 36-28.

Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Picks the Winner of Super Bowl LIV