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Russell Wilson Says He's Done Flying Helicopters After Kobe Bryant's Death

Russell Wilson: “I used to fly helicopters. I stopped the moment that I heard this.”
Dan Patrick: “You would use helicopters to fly back and forth?”
Wilson: “Yea, I would fly them. I would go from LA to Seattle and that kind of stuff, but no more for me.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Seattle Seahawks All-Pro quarterback Russell Wilson join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the heartbreaking death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and what Bryant’s life meant to not only sports, but humanity as a whole.

The most notable part of the interview is when Wilson said that he used to make helicopter flights from Seattle to Los Angeles, but was never doing that again after Bryant’s tragic helicopter crash that shook the entire world.

Wilson said he first met Bryant during a celebrity softball game in Seattle after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2012:

“He was so gracious, and so amazing with people. He was a teacher. He taught obviously the game of basketball, but he taught how to love, he taught his kids and always brought them around, he would teach other kids, and he would teach us players, even young bucks in the NFL. It was always cool to be around him. He's meant so much to so many people."