Colin Cowherd: Kansas City Chiefs Could Become a Terrifying Dynasty

Colin Cowherd: “Kansas City is frightening. You start looking at the stat sheet and you think San Francisco won the game. They averaged over a yard per-play more than Kansas City, had more rushing yards, more yards per rush, more quarterback hits, batted .1000 in the red zone, got more consistent pressure on Mahomes, scored first, and had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter… And Kansas City won by 11 over a San Francisco team who humiliated and bludgeoned 7 teams this year, including Green Bay twice. They were down by 10 at the half in every playoff game, and won all of them by double-digits. That’s frightening. There’s this term of ‘He’s on the ropes’, but that never applies to Kansas City; they’re never on the ropes. Football is all about copying but you can’t copy Mahomes. Aaron Rodgers looks old, outdated, and limited compared to him. If this group stays together you want no part of it." (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs could become a very imposing dynasty the next decade after watching a championship game in which a clearly outclassed Chiefs team ended up beating the most complete team in football with rather ease.

Colin says San Francisco played the exact game they had hoped for, rushing the ball with great success, getting constant pressure on Patrick Mahomes, and executing in the red zone. However, one horrifying 8 minute stretch in the fourth quarter made a seemingly insurmountable 20-10 lead, turn into a comfortable 31-20 victory for Kansas City.

Check out the video below as Colin details why Kansas City’s fourth quarter comeback should be terrifying to the rest of the NFL, as the Chiefs are effortlessly accomplishing improbable comebacks every single week versus elite teams, and changing the way we evaluate box scores.

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