Patrick Mahomes' Superiority Over Lamar Jackson is Now Painfully Obvious

Colin Cowherd: “Lamar Jackson won the Most Valuable Player and deserved to win the MVP of the regular season. I’d still take Patrick Mahomes the next 10 years and I think there is a gap between Mahomes and Jackson and you saw it yesterday. Trailing late fourth quarter, nobody thought it was over. When Lamar trails late in games, he gets further away from what really makes him special; his FEET. When Mahomes trails late, he leans into his greatest talent –‘I can just throw the ball.’ There’s no ‘formula’ that is takes for Mahomes to win; he can be trailing by 21 late and it doesn’t matter. That’s the gap between Jackson and Mahomes, and you felt it yesterday. Even against Tennessee’s low wattage offense, when Baltimore trailed at home in the first half, you could sense the Ravens coaches panicked a little bit. How do you feel watching Mahomes late in games? As long as he has the ball he has a chance to win. I don’t feel that way with Lamar. I feel there is a certain style and the game has to work a certain way. Lamar needs a running game and he’s better playing with a lead, playing downhill, and you don’t want him trailing by two touchdowns with 6 minutes left.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the gap between Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson widened this weekend, as Colin thinks Mahomes’ unflappable ability to lead teams back on the brink of defeat is what separates the Super Bowl MVP from the regular season MVP.

Jackson had one of the most dominant seasons of the decade, leading the NFL in QBR and passing touchdowns, and breaking the single-season quarterback record for rushing yards, but was once again knocked out of the playoffs in their opening match up as an overwhelming home favorite.

Colin says Mahomes’ historically elite arm really stands out from Jackson’s historically elite legs in crunch time when things haven’t gone the quarterback’s way, as what happened with Mahomes and the Chiefs down 20-10 midway through the fourth quarter versus the 49ers.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Mahomes’ incredible fourth quarterback comeback is a feat that Jackson isn’t really capable of at this point in his career, and explains why Colin believes it’s exactly why Mahomes is the better bet for the next decade.

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