Colin Cowherd Releases His 'Way Too Early' Top 10 NFL Rankings for 2020

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams

Colin Cowherd Ranks the 'Way Too Early' Top 10 NFL Teams For 2020 (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

10. Denver Broncos: "They won 4 out of their final 5 games and I think they found their quarterback in Drew Lock, who in his five starts completed 64% of his throws and had a 90 passer rating. Their defense was Top 10 last year. I think they got their quarterback and Bradley Chubb and Von Miller are still a top 2 or 3 defensive end duo. I think Denver is the surprise of the league next year."

9. Green Bay Packers: "This team is good and very young, which is what I like about them. However, they're NOT winning 13 games next year. I think they got a scheduling break and were exposed against the Chargers and the Niners twice. They finished 15th in points per game, 18th in total offense, and only have one wide receiver that they trust. I like their last two defensive drafts but I think their schedule is tougher and I don't see 13 wins again. I see closer to 10."

8. Los Angeles Rams: "The Rams will be back into the playoffs. They were fourth in sacks and ninth in takeaways; they've got nothing but playmakers all over this roster. It may be top heavy but they finished 7th in total offense. They had a center retire, they got rid of a right guard, and then had that coupled with injuries on the offensive line. They were bailing water in the middle of the season. This is still a great roster with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, and have one of the best receiving corps in the NFL with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks, and their tight ends."

7. New England Patriots: "This is still a division with a lot of young quarterbacks but they'll be good. As much as we crush Tom Brady, Greg Olsen is out there at tight end, Hunter Henry could be available too, and all those young receivers have another year in that system. They still have the best coach in football and have a nice set of running backs from the last two drafts. They lost their left tackle, they lost their center, they lost their kicker, and they lost their full back -- they had a lot of injuries and it was a year where they didn't have capable backups. They'll be a very good football team."

6. New Orleans Saints: "They've got terrific young players and they've got all the players that I like bottled up. I don't think they're going to be a Super Bowl team but I think they're going to be really good."

5. Seattle Seahawks: "They've won double-digit games in 7 of Russell Wilson's eight seasons. They've got some draft picks and I think their young players are excellent. If not for THREE running back injuries in the last two weeks I think they reach the NFC Championship. We forget that Seattle beat San Francisco and is a matchup problem for the 49ers. They had massive injuries last year, but I think their young players will grow well with Pete Carroll."

4. Philadelphia Eagles: "I like Philadelphia. We all know the injuries -- they lost their whole receiving corps and all their running backs, but Carson Wentz still completed 64% of his throws, had 27 touchdowns, 7 picks, and a finished with a 93 passer rating. That's ABSURD and it's why I love him. Their biggest weakness was speed at receiver but Desean Jackson comes back, and it's perhaps the deepest wide receiver draft ever."

3. Kansas City Chiefs: "I don't think they win the Super Bowl. Let's be honest, they got some breaks in the postseason. They trailed in the Super Bowl by 10, and they played Tennessee and Houston both at home -- two lousy defenses. They didn't have to face the Ravens or New England. They're very good but defensive end Chris Jones is a free agent. SIGN HIM NOW."

2. Baltimore Ravens: "Like San Francisco, they were humiliated in the playoffs at home and I think will have a really good off-season. Lamar Jackson made a big leap year 1 to year 2 and I don't see that stopping. I worry about cornerbacks Jimmy Smith and Brandon Carr. They were both sensational last year but are both free agents. This is a running POWERHOUSE and teams that run the football with that kind of offensive line and personnel don't go anywhere."

1. San Francisco 49ers: "They think they outplayed Kansas City and they're going to play with their hair on fire next year. Outside of Jimmy Ward in the secondary, they're not going to lose any free agents. I think they re-sign Emmanuel Sanders. Their receivers are super young and their defensive line is super young. All their best players are KIDS and this team is really built for the future."

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