Rob Parker: Kyle Shanahan Will Be Era's Biggest Underachiever at Head Coach

Rob Parker: “Kyle Shanahan is officially the new Andy Reid. He’s lost two of the last four Super Bowls giving it all up in the fourth quarter. He made all those calls. You would have thought he learned his lesson after the Patriots debacle. He didn’t learn his lesson and went right back to the same well. They got to the Super Bowl because they were RUNNING THE FOOTBALL and Jimmy Garoppolo was completing six passes. He’s a BAD coach and choked it down twice in the last four years. He doesn’t know what to do down the stretch. If I was the 49ers, I would have pulled that contract back after watching that debacle against the Patriots and never let him be the coach of the 49ers. What Shanahan did Sunday was a FIREABLE offense. He’s a CHOKE ARTIST.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he believes San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will be the era’s next ‘Andy Reid’, as a high profile head coach who always seems to wilt on the biggest stages.

Some people in the media, even Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, have celebrated Shanahan as one of the brightest minds in the league, but Parker says Shanahan is a ‘choke artist’ who has been to blame for two of the biggest collapses in Super Bowl history, with the blown 20-10 lead in Super Bowl LIV giving us painful memories of the 28-3 comeback the Patriots had over the Falcons when Shanahan was the offensive coordinator of Atlanta.

Check out the video above as Parker explains why a ‘bad coach’ like Shanahan will continue to underachieve with some of the most stacked rosters.

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