Ranking Tom Brady's 8 Potential Destinations From Worst Fit to Best Fit

New England Patriots  quarterback Tom Brady (C) ta

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (C) ta

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss eight potential destinations for free agent quarterback Tom Brady and which teams would make the best on a 1-12 scale on The Herd's 'TOM-O-METER'. (Full Segment at Bottom of Page)

Chicago Bears

“AWFUL. I don’t like their playmakers and the weather is terrible. He would have to play Aaron Rodgers twice a year and it just doesn’t fit.”


Miami Dolphins

“Good news is he would face the Patriots and he knows the division and knows the personnel around the division. It would reunite him with former coach Brian Flores but that offensive line is a total mess and in a complete rebuild.”


Tennessee Titans

“Great running back and top 8 offensive line according to Pro Football Focus, and he would reunite with one of his best friends in the game, Mike Vrabel. It is a weaker division but Brady’s brand is enormous and the Titans would feel too small for him.”


Indianapolis Colts

Great young offensive line, respected former player as a head coach, Chris Ballard is as respected as any GM in the game, and they’ve got all sorts of tight ends, but there is a ‘Gisele issue’ and an issue with Brady playing in a stadium that has a statue of Peyton Manning outside of it.”


Las Vegas Raiders

Lady Gaga lives there. This is Elvis, this is Frank Sinatra, this is Celine Dion, and it’s the home for celebrities. There is no state tax and Jon Gruden is very Pro-Brady. I love their running back depth and their offensive line isn’t terrible. You’re going to have to win shootouts though, and Patrick Mahomes is in the division. I don’t like the brand fit; Tom is corporate and the Raiders are the rebels.”


Los Angeles Chargers

“I don’t like their offensive line and people tend to think the owner, the Spanos family, is a little bit frugal with their money. They have excellent weapons and a play-making defense that keeps you in games, but I would say their ownership can be a little tight, and the offensive line needs to be addressed.”


Dallas Cowboys

Aggressive owner, excellent best offensive line, second best weapons in the league to Kansas City, it’s the biggest brand, and Jerry Jones is a marketing genius. This is an outstanding fit, but the defense isn’t great. Is the Cowboys brand so big that is overwhelms the ‘TB12’ brand?”


San Francisco 49ers

Silicon Valley, best young coach, tremendous tackles, outstanding young wide receivers, best tight end in the NFL, and the defensive line keeps you in game.”


Ranking Tom Brady's 8 Potential Destinations From Worst Fit to Best Fit

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