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Former All-Pro Eric Weddle Explains Why He Unexpectedly Retired From NFL

Eric Weddle: “I always told teammates and friends & family that I was not going to be the guy that held on too long, played that extra year, couldn’t run anymore, ended up getting benched for the young guy, or the team wasn’t having success. I always told myself that was never going to be the case for me. Playing this past season with LA gave me one last chance to live my dream, and I gave it my all. Honestly, thinking about getting ready for football and working out, running, and going through the pain every single day to get your mind and body ready for the season makes me want to throw up. I would much rather be doing ten other things than doing that.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to six-time Pro Bowl and five-time All-Pro safety (twice first team: 2011, 2014, three times second team: 2010, 2012, 2013) Eric Weddle explain to Rich Eisen why he somewhat surprisingly retired from football at the age of 35, with a year still left on his contract with the Los Angeles Rams.

Weddle is a potential Hall of Fame candidate, and was most notable for his time on the formerly known San Diego Chargers in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s.

Check out the segment above as Weddle was brutally honest about why he left the game, and details to Rich why he wasn’t ready for another marathon off-season of preparation it takes to get ready for a full NFL season.