Colin Cowherd: Tom Brady Would Be a Perfect Fit on the Dallas Cowboys

Colin Cowherd: “Put Tom in that Cowboys uniform… We get shocked all the time in sports but this looks like it would work to me. Durant to Golden State shocked us, the Antonio Brown saga shocked us, Peyton Manning to Denver shocked us, and isn’t the Red Sox bailing on Mookie Betts a shock in baseball?? Don’t kid yourself on this, it is the ONLY place that Brady could go and would have a richer owner, a better offense, and all his issues – respect, offensive line, receivers – would ALL be solved by signing a contract… If Dak is asking for $38 million, don’t tell me this CAN’T HAPPEN.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Tom Brady would make the perfect Dallas Cowboys quarterback, as the most interesting free agent perhaps in the history of sports, still is without a new contract.

Brady and the Patriots haven’t exactly broken up yet, as many around the media still expect him to be back in New England, but with every passing day that Brady sits around dwindling on the open market has to make you scared if you’re a Patriots fans, having a dozen or so teams desperately needing a quarterback seeing an opportunity to sign the greatest one to ever live.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the stars are aligning for Brady to take his talents to Dallas.

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