Astros Players Finally Apologize For Sign-Stealing Scandal at Bizarre Event

The Houston Astros spoke out for the first time on Thursday to address the sign stealing scandal that has been the talk of the offseason. Players such as Jose Altuve, George Springer, Justin Verlander, Carlos Correa and more came out and addressed the sign stealing scandal that ultimately got manager AJ Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow fired.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred handed down multiple punishments for Houston's actions in the 2017 season last month after an investigation. Now, the Astros must face the media and the fans, in hopes of earning their trust back.

Carlos Correa, Verlander, and George Springer all addressed the media and was asked about the buzzing bandages that many people believed the Astros wore during the 2017 season. Here is what Correa said:

“Nobody wore buzzers. Nobody wore devices. That story should be killed already. We know for sure, for a fact, 100 percent, as a team ... If I'm lying here I'll lose credibility ... It's straight-up false. Nobody wore anything. In 2018, nothing. 2019, nothing. 2017, nobody wore devices either.”

As the backlash keeps pouring in from players and fans, this is going to continue on well into the season and beyond.

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