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Antonio Brown on NFL Fall From Grace: "I Haven't Done Anything that Bad"

(5:55) Charlamagne tha God: “You’re aware that you’re doing some wild s*hit, basically?”
(6:00) Antonio Brown: “Yea, what I did?”
(6:01) Charlamagne: “Just over the past year it seems like you’ve been cutting up a lot. You’re aware of that, though?”
(6:05) Brown: “I feel like I’ve just been doing what’s best for me. Any time someone is doing what’s best for them and that’s outside the norm of rules and regulations, it’s going to be scrutiny, but I haven’t done anything that bad. I showed some emotions in some bad situations.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Antonio Brown’s appearance on The Breakfast Club Friday as the controversial former NFL All-Pro wide receiver recalled some of the intimidate details behind his downfall as one of the most disgraced and infamous athletes of his era.

Check out the most notable moments of AB’s appearance with hosts Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee.

1:30: Are the Raiders considering bringing you back?

1:40: Is there a team that you want to play for?

2:10: Do you want to play alongside Tom Brady again?

2:33: Did you build a relationship with Brady in New England?

3:39: Do you feel like the NFL is going to do to you the same thing that they did to Colin Kaepernick?

4:11: What have you learned after everything you have gone through?

5:01: Are you suffering from some sort of mental health issue?

5:58: You're aware that youve done some wild sh*t, right??

8:06: Do you regret the police video with your children?

9:45: What do you think the NFL can do to help you and players like yourself who are going through things in their personal life?

11:08: What's your opinion on Drew Rosenhaus?

13:16: Does going broke scare you?

13:39: When did you first get into music?

14:42: Does Florida have the craziest people in the United States?

15:01: Why are you going to fight Logan Paul??

16:20: How many legal cases do you have pending right now?

18:15: Would you ever consider playing in the XFL?

19:20: Is it true you talked to Jon Gruden recently?

20:44: What advice would you give to young high school or college players who look up to you?

22:44: Why did you apologize to Big Ben?

23:10: Is Ben Roethlisberger racist?

25:30: What was your beef with JuJu Smith-Schuster?

30:29: Who is your most trusted mentor?

32:26: Do you think that Vontaze Burfict hit had any lasting impact on your health?

35:06: Do you regret texting the woman about that sexual assault?