Colin Cowherd Tells the Story of His Traumatic Head Injury

Colin Cowherd was excited to get back in his chair this Monday and share his biggest takeaways from the Lakers defeating two major teams in the NBA but was unfortunately hit with a freak injury over the weekend. He returned today and shared his story.

"I have a giant bandage on my head. I wish I had a more compelling story, but it was really a stomach virus that got very painful late Sunday night. I had some plumbing issues downstairs, went to the bathroom at 10 at night, stood up, and passed out—6'2, 190 pounds straight, face-first into a tile floor."

Colin Cowherd's wife got the medics to his residence, where he was admitted to the hospital, and they were able to help him recover and give him stitches for his head.

Colin jokingly warns that "This is what happens when you don't eat, have a stomach virus, and stand up quickly after sleeping. You fall down; I'm a dope."

Watch his full explanation below.