Christine Brennan Details Report on the 2020 Olympics Being Postponed

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Christine Brennan of USA today broke news earlier that the Olympics will be postponed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). She goes over the details veteran International Olympic Committee member, Dick Pound provided for what's next for the 2020 Olympics. Ultimately, there are several possibilities on the table and they hope to reach a decision within four weeks.

Brennan called into the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon to give us all a clearer picture of what's next for the Olympics going forward. On what Dick Pound said about the postponement, Brennan tells us, "Postponement has been decided. The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the games are not going to start on July 24th. He said 'we will postpone this and begin to deal with all the ramifications of moving this, which are immense.'" Brennan explains how there was still much speculation even after she was told this by Pound, so she made sure to double-confirm, especially when she saw semi-conflicting reports. The mix-up had much to do with the international Olympic committee having yet to make that official call on the 2020 Olympics.

Brennan was critical of IOC president, Thomas Bach, and felt that he came up short in leadership when the opportunity to get out in front of this crisis presented itself. Bach announced Sunday that the committee would take four weeks to look into whats the next move for the Olympics, but Brennan stresses that the issue has reached critical mass. "I think this issue has reached critical mass in large part because of the athletes, so it's kind of been a groundswell from the bottom up because leaders aren't leading."

Brennan further explains how conditions for the athletes to train have become worse as more and more places close down in observance of COVID-19 guidelines and precautions. The Canadian Olympic Committee has even gone as far as to say they aren't sending their athletes in the midst of the coronavirus.

Brennan believes that the uncertainty around the event could end up pushing the Olympics into 2021.

Listen to the full interview below!

Christine Brennan Details Report on the Olympics Being Postponed