Chris Broussard Or Chris Haynes: Who's the Best Rapper in Sports Reporting?

Chris Broussard Or Chris Haynes: Who's the Best Rapper in Sports Reporting?

COVID-19 has turned the sports world upside down. And with no live sporting events, a lot of folks in sports media are having a hard time passing the time. Earlier this week, Yahoo Sports senior NBA insider Chris Haynes became so bored that he actually put out a rap song called 'I Got No Games to Cover'. FS1 and FOX Sports Radio personality Chris Broussard was inspired by Haynes, and decided to put out a rap verse of his own. Social media was split on which Chris was the better rapper. On tonight's edition of  'The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker', Haynes joined the guys to explain why thinks he's clearly the best MC in sports media.

Chris Broussard:“You know I always say, jokingly but also serious, you’re the second-best media hooper out there. And you’re also the second-best media MC. I didn’t know that. You’ve got skills.”

Chris Haynes:“So who’s number 1 in both of those categories?”

Chris Broussard:“Come on, man.”

Chris Haynes:“I’ve got to get on you and that freestyle you had. Look, it was solid material. But, it was like my old car I used to have; it was a Pinto. It took a long time to get going. You had to rev it up, rev it up, before you got it going. Once you got passed the 7thconsecutive time Chris said ‘flow’, then he really got into it.You had some skills. It just took a while to get to it.”

Chris Haynes

Chris Broussard

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