Mark Cuban: Americans Reeling From Coronavirus Need Sports to Return ASAP

Mark Cuban on the logistics behind the NBA returning: “If I had to guess, I would say we do it with no fans until we’re absolutely certain that we account for the safety of fans… Sports play such an important role in our society right now. If the experts tell us to disinfect everybody doing A, B, and C, then they go into a confined area, then play a game presented with robotic cameras, my guess is that we would do it. Sports are so important to us right now. We need something to cheer for. We need something to get excited about, we need something to connect our community, and we want something to root for. If the NBA can lead the charge, hopefully we can.” (Segment Above, FULL Interview Below)

Listen to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban explain to Colin Cowherd how badly the NBA wants to return, not only to avoid outright canceling its season, but to provide some sort of solace to the American people reeling from the coronavirus pandemic that has put much of our entertainment and many of our personal liberties on the backburner, as communities in the United States and all around the globe desperately try to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check out the segment above and the FULL interview below as Cuban details why sports are so vital to our society, and why the NBA wants to be that beacon of hope to sports fans around the world.

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