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Report: Only Two Teams Seriously Considered Acquiring Tom Brady

Report: Only Two Teams Seriously Considered Acquiring Tom Brady
Jason Smith: “What was the market for Tom Brady when he became a free agent?”
Albert Breer: “A lot of teams 'discussed' it. Like the Niners discussed it because word had gotten out that Brady wanted to go there. The Titans internally 'discussed' it because Ryan Tannehill was going to be a free agent. There were a number of teams who had one foot in and one foot out and sort of looked at it as ‘well, if we can maximize THIS asset, and THIS falls into place, then maybe…’ For the Titans, it was IF the contract negotiations with Ryan Tannehill go off the rails and Tannehill’s people are unreasonable then we got an option there. For the Niners, it was if someone wants to come in and blow us away with an offer for Jimmy Garoppolo, then we listen… The Colts weren’t in this at all and Frank Reich and Chris Ballard really like what they’ve built the last three years and they wanted to keep the train on the tracks… Brady in some ways forces you to blow a lot of things up and that’s why the Colts, 49ers, and Titans weren’t willing to do… I don’t think there were as many teams as Brady had possibly anticipated who were all in, and really the only two teams who were all in were the Bucs and the Chargers. It’s hard to imagine Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but at the very end his options were fairly limited.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to NFL insider Albert Breer explain to Rob Parker and Jason Smith why the market for free agent quarterback Tom Brady was a lot more lukewarm than the media had put on, as Breer details why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers were the only two teams who seriously considered signing the 42-year-old.

Check out the interview above as Breer explains why a lot of the teams ‘rumored’ to be in the sweepstakes for Brady, ultimately didn’t have any interest acquiring a six-time Super Bowl champion.