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Astros Owner Jim Crane Claims MLB Has 'Exonerated' Him in Cheating Scandal

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Facing a deposition as part of former MLB pitcher Mike Bolsinger’s lawsuit against the Astros, team owner Jim Crane wrote in a legal filing on Monday that he had been “exonerated” by Major League Baseball of involvement in the team’s illegal sign-stealing.

Crane claimed to be immune from legal action for his team’s cheating, according to The Athletic’s Daniel Kaplan:

"I was not involved in any alleged rules violations by the Astros," Crane wrote in his declaration, or legal statement, which is attached to the motion to quash the summons for deposition and move the case to Texas (or dismiss entirely). "Major League Baseball conducted an investigation into potential rules violations by the Astros. That report explicitly exonerated me and stated that I was unaware of and had no involvement in any rules violations by the Astros."

Bolsinger’s lawyers had reportedly served Crane with notice that they planned to depose him on June 1. The Astros have also reportedly filed to either move to California or dismiss in Texas. The Astros face multiple lawsuits stemming from their cheating, including ones from Bolsinger & fantasy fans.