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Bill Simmons: Michael Jordan Documentary Made to Cement MJ as Greatest Ever

Bill Simmons: “I get it with the under 30 people that LeBron is their guy, they were there for LeBron, and they don’t understand why HE isn’t the best... Jordan was just more famous than LeBron or Kobe in every conceivable way. He transcended celebrity. I’m really glad they’re doing this. We tried to do it after we finished the first '30 for 30' series but Jordan never wanted it. I think what happened, especially after LeBron won that Cavs title, is when things really started to shift in the MJ vs. LeBron argument, I think for the first time the Jordan camp was like ‘We gotta protect our legacy here’. People are starting to forget how great, famous, and universally thought by everybody there that ‘this is the best basketball player I’m ever going to see’, and I still feel that way.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Bill Simmons join The Herd to discuss ESPN’s upcoming Michael Jordan documentary that will feature behind the scenes look at the 1990’s Chicago Bulls teams, who won six NBA titles, and captivated the sports world as one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in sports history.

Simmons, who helped start the ’30 for 30’ series, said Jordan has always been against a documentary being made that would shed light on that era, but says he believes Jordan’s camp greenlighted this project more recently because of aging legacy of Jordan that now includes tens of millions of millennial NBA fans who never saw Jordan play and think LeBron James, not MJ, is the greatest basketball player in history.

Check out the full interview above.